Back In The Day, by Tony Kristol
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I spent almost 1/3rd of my 23 year Air Force career attached to U.S. Army units.  The Army referred to us as TAC Air. The Air Force of that time called us Tactical Air Control Parties, (TACP for short).  Each team consisted of two people, an officer, usually a pilot, who acted as a Forward Air Controller (FAC) and an enlisted man who served as (R)adio (O)perator,  (M)aintenance (M)an and (D)river, (ROMAD). We served with Army units and lived in Army quarters.  Because some of these army units were Airborne some of us attended the U.S. Army Jump School located at Fort Benning, GA.  I was an attendee during the month of November and graduated in December, 1965.

It was my good fortune to serve (attached to) with the U.S. Army's 5th Special Forces Group and the Korean Army's 9th Infantry Division, (the White Horse Division, Ping Ma in Korea) during the 32 months I was in Vietnam. Two, very fine military organizations.

During my 30 months in Korea I helped train elements of the First Republic of Korea Army (FROKA) and the Korean Tiger Division, which later deployed to Vietnam. I was also deployed to Korea during the Pueblo Crisis, serving at the Direct Air Support Center (DASC), Camp Red Cloud - Uijanbo, Korea.

I served with the following U.S.A.F. units who were involved in training and/or supporting U.S. Army units with Direct Air Support:

These pictures, taken by me, cover the various deployments I made with these units and with the USAF 1st Mobile Communications Group, perhaps the finest AF organization I ever served in. They are protected under current copyright laws and are available for personal use only.

Back In The Day
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3rd DASF
4th DASF
604th DASS
5th Special Forces
Jump School
9th Infantry Division
19th TASS
1st Mobile
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